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Ruze Cake House- Custom Macarons for your Superbowl Party

Ruze Cake House creates gorgeous cakes, cookies, and other sweets but what we can't get enough of is their custom macarons.

Ruze's co-owner, Jessica, so generously made football macarons for us- some even with glitter- and now we're happy to tell you that you too can order these for your Superbowl party!

(Photo: The Birdiegirl Company, Graphic Design and Glitter Eye Stickers by: Page & Mason Invitations)

(Photo: The Birdiegirl Company)

Amy Wallace of Page & Mason Invitations tells us what you'll need to create these Superbowl ready treats:

-Get the clear boxes from Ruze Cake House

-Grass paper can be found at your local craft store- it makes a clever base for your football macarons. You can get astroturf or a similar material at any home improvement store.

-Once your macarons are safely nestled in their decorative grass, close up the box and add a little glitter tape (again, found at a local craft store) around your macaron box to elevate your game!

(Photo: The Birdiegirl Company)

You'll just about faint over all the gorgeous things Ruze Cake House are a few examples of other macarons they've created. So much talent...

(Leather paper letterpress invitation by: Page & Mason Invitations)

Order Super Bowl macarons now through January 29th by giving Ruze Cake House a call at (480) 438-8692

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