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5 Tips for a Fabulous Football Party from Nook

Nook co-owner (and Football Betty friend) Erin Brown shares her tried and true tips for throwing a fabulous football party with us today. We especially love her tips because she's thinking like a Betty- clearly she's a gal who wants to watch the game but also wants to be a good hostess!

Tip #1: Make your party BYOG… Bring Your Own Glass. Not only can your guests represent their favorite team but it also makes keeping track of everyone's drinks that much easier (and clean up for the hostess is that much less)!

Tip #2: Set up a few extra side tables (nightstands can easily be relocated) and trash cans (Gasp! Don't worry, they can be cute and functional!) near the primary viewing areas. This allows guests to make fewer trips to the trash or the recycle bin during the big game and reduces post-game clean up for the hosts. Bottom line, easy access to food and trash cans are always a good game plan!

Football Bettys_Football website and blog_Nook Kitchen Arcadia_football party id

Tip #3: If you're planning to serve a house drink, kiddie cocktail, hot chocolate, etc., think ahead and make extra so you don't waste time during the big game finding the ingredients and whipping up another batch. Coffee carafes work great for hot beverages and pitchers are perfect for cold cocktails. Just make sure to label the beverage containers so guests know if they're kid-friendly or not. Have an extra fridge in the garage? Stock it up- this is exactly why you have it!

Football Bettys_Football website and blog_Nook Kitchen Arcadia_football party id
Football Bettys_Football website and blog_Nook Kitchen Arcadia_football party id

Tip #4: While planning your menu, consider ordering some of your favorite items from your local neighborhood restaurant. Even if you're entertaining quite a few people, it's always worth calling and asking if they can prepare some dishes for you. This simple step will ease your stress and offer your guests some of your hand-picked favorites that you may not be able to make yourself. If you bring your own platters to the restaurant ahead of time, the presentation will be stellar...Nook is happy to help their customers save a prep step and place the food on platters brought from home. (Pictured above is the charcuterie board from Nook- doesn't it look amazing?)

Tip #5: I love a good sign and using football inspired printables add thoughtful details for your guests. Football Bettys has created some really cute printables that aren't what you typically find. Just print, buy a few frames, and you're ready to go! (Thanks Erin! Click here for a link to our printable page)

Football Bettys_Football website and blog_Nook Kitchen Arcadia_football party id

Erin, thank you for your fabulous football party're a true Football Betty!

About Nook: Cozily folded into a narrow space inside Arcadia’s famous Gaslight Square, Nook is your neighborhood home-away-from-home, wining-and-dining destination. Reminiscent of your favorite spot where you love to relax and curl up with a good book and a glass of wine, at Nook there are no interruptions – just good company and great food.

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