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A Football Betty Style Bloody Mary Bar

When we set out to do something, we do it right. Case in point, this Bloody Mary Bar that we created for the first Football Sunday of the 2015 season NFL Season (it's practically a holiday in our homes!):

That's right, we created this straight up glam Bloody Mary Bar featuring our personal favorite, Tito's Handmade Vodka. Bettys, it rocked! Guests enjoyed the multitude of condiment options along with the handmade chalkboard sign, salt rimmed Tito's mason jars, and gorgeous floral decor (yep, you see celery in the vase and yep, you know you're going to do this yourself!). We love the mix of elegance and football game time fun.

Bloody Mary Bar Tips:

-Include lots of condiment options. We offered pickled asparagus, olives, celery, pickled green beans, pickles, pepperoncinis, limes, lemons, Tobasco, Tapatio and more. We've done Bloody Mary bars with meat add-ons too; pepperoni slices, bacon, and summer sausage bits are common fare.

-Snazz it up. Petal Pusher created the floral arrangements that cleverly used elements of any good Bloody Mary: celery, tomatoes, etc. The effect was a well-planned football party with some extra cool decor that most guests aren't used to seeing. The football yard runner reminds guests that they ARE at a football party!

- Add a few fun football-ish items. The football picks that perfectly skewered the veggies are from Chasing Bliss and you know the guests at this football party loved this touch. Penalty Flag napkins are a staple at our football parties (designed by Page & Mason Designs). Green and white striped straws are a perfect fit.

- Think about your guests' comfort and the flow of the party. We didn't set up all the beverage stations at this party in one place on purpose. By spreading out food and beverage options instead of cramming them all onto one table or countertop, guests had room to assemble their drinks and mingle along the way.

- Make a game plan. We used an adorable handmade chalkboard sign made by Dear Sarah that inspired guests to take their Bloody Mary's to the next level and we pre-salted the rims of the mason jars (also from Tito's!) for ease of use.

- If you are planning on planting yourself in front of the TV you can make a large batch of the Bloody Mary Mix and let guests add their own add ins. Just keep it on ice to keep it cold and fresh!

As we said, we love Tito's vodka- it's handmade in Texas and is so smooth, it recently made one of our Bettys realize she could actually be low maintenance and drink vodka sodas (upon the insistence of another Betty)! But of course, only with Tito's.

See the cute football picks? Love them!

And of course, we have a sign because we believe in...well, signs!

We hope this Bloody Mary bar inspires you to make yours better than ever- this is one party idea that's sure to score some major points with your guests!

Football Betty's Hail Mary Bloody Mary Dampen Mason Jar Rim with Lime Dip into course Salt with Celery Salt Mix Add Ice 2 oz/ Tito's Handmade Vodka 4 oz. Tomato Juice Dash of Worcestershire Sauce Dash of Celery Salt 3 Dashes of Tabasco Hot Sauce 1/8 Teaspoon of Horseradish Dash of Freshly Cracked Pepper Generous Squeeze of Lime Garnish with Jalapeño Stuffed Olives, Bacon, Shrimp.... go for the extra points on the garnishes! Enjoy and GOOOOO Team!

Location: Private Residence

Photography: Keith and Melissa Photographers

Stylist/Event Coordinator: Victoria Canada Weddings & Events

Paper Products: Page & Mason Designs

Handmade Chalkboard Sign: Dear Sarah

Vodka/mason jars: Tito's Handmade Vodka

Floral/decor: Petal Pusher

Football Picks: Chasing Bliss Design

Runner: Nordstrom

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