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Football Party Ideas: A Quick and Easy Popcorn bar

Love Popcorn? One of us Football Bettys (whose name starts with a K) is obsesed with popcorn. No joke: this Betty would eat it every night for dinner if she could. So in her honor, we set up a super quick, super cute AND super easy popcorn bar for our guests at a recent football party and it was a hit.

A popcorn bar is perfect for watching any type of sport because just like at a movie, when you have a stressful, suspensful, or even exhilarating moment happening on the big screen, you can pop some in your mouth and chomp chomp chomp those nerves away.

Basically, we're advocating stress'll forgive us.

Stylist Victoria Canada has done some pretty fancy schmancy popcorn bars in her day but this game day popcorn bar is low key. We did it this way for a reason- we didn't want it to be intimidating. We wanted a simple popcorn bar that still adds a little something to your football party without being over the top (you've seen our Bloody Mary Bar and Fantasy Football Party blogs, right?).

Heck, you can even get the guys in on this one!

What do you need for a football party popcorn bar?

- A few different flavors of popcorn- butter, kettle corn, caramel, you get the idea

-Buckets for the popcorn. You can get these movie theater style buckets from your local big box store or grab some bowls and dump the popcorn in. Seriously, this is that easy.

- Kraft bags (or lunch bags) from your local craft store and a chalk pen. You'll use the chalk pen to draw football laces on the bags. Or make this a DIY craft station. Or even make it a kids project (we've found that kids LOVE to help us set up parties).

-Scoops. Depending on how many people you have and how sanitizer-addicted you are, add scoops or even dry measuring cups (not the glass ones but the ones with handles).

-A themed sign. Yes, guests will know it's popcorn and there aren't really any instructions necessary but when you add a sign with a football play and a bright graphic, you'll be one step closer to getting the MVP award.

-Grass runner. We used synthetic grass (found at The Synthetic Grass Store ) and cut it long and narrow. Victoria's pro planner tip: turn the grass upside down when you cut it and use a razor blade or exacto knife.

- Footballs. You've probably got a few already but just make sure they're clean before you place them near food. You can find the little ones at party supply stores. We love the Arizona Cardinals Football to show your team spirit!

We also had a high-top table that happened to be dressed in green linen so we made a little extra popcorn bar there too. Fresh flowers make it classy! ​

Location: Private Residence

Photography: Keith and Melissa Photographers

Stylist/Event Coordinator: Victoria Canada Weddings & Events

Hand Lettered Popcorn Bags: Dear Sarah

Get Popped sign: Page & Mason Designs

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