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Football Party Ideas: The Kids End Zone

Even though our kids aren't invited to every football party we host (that's correct, we have lives beyond our children!), football parties often include our munchkins, and since we often put them to work prepping for the parties, we like to make them feel special too. The reward for their hard work is a fun kids' themed football table-The Kids End Zone- that's stocked with kid-friendly fare.

Our Kids End Zone table is perfect for the littles- not only does it have a football themed hand-painted sign, it includes popcorn boxes that are sized just right, munchable Twizzlers, and those cutie soda cans that both satisfy the kids' and their quest for soda and the parent in us that doesn't want our kids hopped up on caffeine all day. A green table cloth and black and white striped runner set the tone and easy to find items like football napkins make it fun.

Since we live in Arizona, suntan lotion/spray is essential any time you're going to have a football party outside. Want to be THE party house of the decade? Get a huge bounce house and inflate it when you have a people over. Whether there are kids in attendance or not, it will get used...

Buckets with soda and small chip bags make it easy for the kids to help themselves (so you can concentrate on the game!).

Football Party Contributors:

Location: Private Residence

Photography: Keith and Melissa Photographers

Stylist/Event Coordinator: Victoria Canada Weddings & Events

Hand Lettered Kids End Zone Sign: Dear Sarah

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