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Kids Football Party Snacks

Whether it's during a football game on tv, after an afternoon playing flag football, or for a kids football themed party, you're going to need snacks; in typical Football Bettys fashion, our kids football party snacks take things to the next level (without being too difficult).

Football Bettys_Kids football party snacks_cute snacks_football

Snack time is an opportunity to liven things up on a manageable scale- you're not making dinner for 25 energetic kids, you're just supplying some necessary hydration and sugar (no, sugar isn't necessary but it's fun and if you time it right, most of the kids will be gone when the sugar hits- ha ha!).

Football Bettys_Kids football party snacks_cute snacks_football

To recreate our kids football party snacks, you need:

- Rice Krispie Treats cut into tall squares (make your rice krispie treats in a square pan so they have some height))

- Buttercream frosting (you can use melted white chocolate but frosting is soooo much easier)

- Sprinkles- we used rainbow but you can select your team colors

- Disposable wooden forks that say "Pig Out" as an homage to the football (they used to be made from pigskin). We got ours on Etsy where you'll find a ton of disposable wooden forks- some colored, some printed, etc.

-Yellow "Penalty Flag" napkins, custom made by Page & Mason Designs

Football Bettys_Kids football party snacks_cute snacks_football

- Clear plastic cups

- Gatorade or Jones Soda (any color/flavor, and again, use this as an opportunity to use your team colors!)

- Football play labels to attach to the cups (download the free printable here, print and trim, then secure onto your cup with tape)

- Striped Straws- again, Etsy is your friend

- Colorful drink stirrers from Chasing Bliss Design. This is what takes you to the next level people. Don't be scared to fancy things up a little bit!

An extra little hit of the football theme comes from the serving tray- the black and white stripes are a nod to the referees and if you have a football- we crack ourselves up...who WOULDN"T have a football???- do something with it.

Football Bettys_Kids football party snacks_cute snacks_football

If your nail polish perfectly matches your kids football party snacks, you'll earn 100 million Football Bettys adoration points!

Football Bettys_Kids football party snacks_cute snacks_football

We just love how these rice krispie treats have the colorful element of a ton of sprinkles (on the corner of course- covering the top with sprinkles is just so predictable). We went big so we didn't have to go home. LOL!

Football Bettys_Kids football party snacks_cute snacks_football

One last thing, are you the team mom and want to show your spirit (or are you just a badass Betty who likes cute t-shirts)? Check out the Football Bettys line of t-shirts on High Jinks Tees Etsy site!

Now you're all set with some genius kids football party some for yourself, we won't tell!

Photography: Fully Alive Photography

Stylist: Victoria Canada Weddings & Events

Printables and Penalty Flag Napkins: Page & Mason Design

As featured in: Emma Magazine's Winter issue

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