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Football Party DIY: How to Make a Football Squares Game

Football squares is the easiest game to set up and enjoy at a football party. It's basically 100 squares that your friends buy for a cash increment. We find that either $1's or $5's work best. After each square is "bought" there is a cash winner at the end of each quarter. Now, you can go the kindergarten route and draw squares on a piece of paper and yes, someone will still win money and be happy or you can go the Football Bettys route and make a squares board that is stylish and reusable. You can guess which route we're taking. Thank you to Sarah of "Dear Sarah" for sharing your talents and great instructions!

Step 1: Make your Football Squares Board

Materials needed:

-12x12x.25 wooden board, unstained, sanded (you can buy the board at your local home improvement store)

-Distilled white vinegar

-#00 grade steel wool


-Old paint brush

-Chalk ink pen (buy this from a craft supply store)

-Regular chalk (this is if you want to erase the team names each week and reuse the board, otherwise you can use the chalk pen)



Make Your Football Squares Game Board:

-A few days prior to actually making your squares board, prep your vinegar stain. For one football squares board you'll need about 2 cups of vinegar and one pad of steel wool. Pour vinegar into a large mason jar and add the steel wool. Let it oxidize at least overnight, for best results, let it sit for a couple of days.

-When vinegar mixture is ready, paint the front and back of your board with the vinegar stain using a generous amount of liquid on your brush. Let completely dry.

-Using your ruler and chalk pen (maybe pencil it first?), measure out a 10x10 square from the bottom right corner of your board.

-Make hash marks with your pencil at 1 inch intervals on all 4 sides of your 10x10 square. With a pencil, connect your marks vertically and horizontally until you've penciled in your 10x10 should have 100 squares with a 2 inch border on the left side and top. Mark over your pencil marks with the chalk ink pen.

-In the outside border make a smaller 1/2 inch border around the 10x10 square.

-In the space between your edge and the squares borders, with your chalk ink pen, hand letter the two team's names that are playing that day- one on the left, the other across the top. Leave space for numbers between the team name and the grid (see why below!).

-Depending on how crafty you are, jazz it up with the team logos or add field markings!

After your board is complete, you're ready Betty!

Step 2: Play! (Rules For Football Squares Game)

-Collect $1 or $5 per square from guests (guests can buy as many squares as they want- it's good to tell your guests in advance that you're having a Football Squares Game so they have cash on hand)

-Have guests fill in their names (or initials) in any of the empty squares until every square is "claimed". Each square is $1 so if someone puts $5 in, they get to write their name in 5 squares. Squares MUST be completely filled in before you go to the next step!

-Once every square is filled in, and before the game starts, randomly draw the numbers 0-9 from a hat (write them on bits of scratch paper- this part doesn't have to be anything fancy) and write the numbers as you draw them in the spot next to each square on the left. Work from the top left corner of the grid down to the bottom. After all 10 numbers have been drawn (0-9), put the numbers back in and draw again for the squares across the top, writing the numbers from the top left corner across to the far right.

-The numbers on the edges (not pictured) represent the last digit in each team's score at the end of any given quarter. For example, if the score at the end of the 1st quarter is Bears 23-Packers 10, locate the corresponding numbers on the grid (3 for Bears and 0 for Packers). The name in the square where they intersect is the person who wins that quarter.

- Payout is typically 20% for each of the first 3 quarters and the remaining 40% for the final game score. So based on $1 squares and 100 squares sold, the winners of quarters 1-3 gets $20 and the final score/4th quarter winner gets $40. But you can determine the payout any way you like.

- Football Squares Game Tip- Have some change on hand! You can use the honor system and let guests make their own change. We used a pretty Jar for the cash.

Now you're all set to play your own awesome Football Squares Game- good luck Bettys!

Football Squares Game Team:

Photography: Fully Alive Photography, Keith & Melissa Photography (last 2 photos)

Floral: Camelback Flowershop, Petal Pusher(last 2 photos)

Styling: Victoria Canada Weddings + Events

DIY Tips, Handlettered "Go Team" sign: Dear Sarah

Football Square sign: Page & Mason Design

(Football Squares Game DIY featured in: Emma Magazine Winter Issue)

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