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Fashion, Football and the NFL Bag Policy

We fully understand and support the safety measures put in place at stadiums but we refuse to sacrifice style for compliance (we're total rebels like that!) and in no way does carrying a ziplock bag into a stadium equate to any kind of style we want to embrace. Since we want to (have to) respect the NFL Bag Policy while still maintaining a bit of cuteness, we've been searching far and wide for acceptable bags and purses. Here are a few we actually LOVE, not just like, and would be proud to carry into a stadium:

By now you know that a Football Betty always has a style plan and if that means following the NFL bag policy, we'll make it work. So what exactly are the rules? Check them out here. And yes, the NFL has set up a shop for fans to purchase approved bags- how sweet of them.

(Image courtesy of

For a much more stylish option that will have the gate checkers ooohing and aaahing at your ability to comply with the NFL bag policy while being awesome-ly hip, check out Lauren Farrell NY. We are a bit obsessed with her stadium ready purses!

(Images Courtesy of: Lauren Farrell NY)

If you want a personalized option, check out this super cute clear cross-body bag from Paige's Pastime! It frees up your hands for important tailgating activities while still being within the rules of the NFL bag policy.

(Image courtesy of: Paige's Pastime)

Don't forget to pack game watching necessities such as: cash, ID, and a credit card. But you'll also need a fully charged phone for selfies and Uber and you might want to freshen up with some mints and oil absorbing sheets from Clean & Clear (our "Arizona" is showing with that last item).

And show your team colors with a bright pop of color with gloss from Stila Cosmetics. It's still sunny so protect yourself with a travel size sunscreen from Arizona Sun (love that stuff!). And one last thing: always have a mini phone charger with you- you never know if you or that guy you saw at the tailgate party might need a charge. Enjoy the game!

Today we end with a warning: yes we know ALLLL about the adorable NFL line from Dooney & Bourke and while those bags are a great way to show your style outside the stadium, please know that the Dooney purses are NOT NFL bag policy approved, even the wristlet! Sad face...

Victoria, Amy & Kelly- the Football Bettys


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