About Football Bettys

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The Line Up...



Victoria Canada ~ A sassy and opinionated Texas Tech Red Raider fan and college football enthusiast who backs up her opinions with solid debate skills (thanks to her drill sergeant dad). She's spent many Saturdays crying in her beer…nonetheless she perseveres.  There’s always next season.  Coincidence or not her son’s name is Wesley? (Wes Welker is a Texas Tech grad). 








Amy Dearbaugh MacHale ~ Being a Chicago Bears Fan...is a lifestyle.  In 1985 her family dragged an old fridge from the basement to the front porch, painted it blue with a big 72 and made the local paper.  Along with her two boys,  they named their dog Hester (after Devin Hester) and he can return a ball like nobody's business. 









Kelly Gill ~ Won her husband's heart in college by screaming like a banshee on the 50 yard line in the student section at the Arizona State games and continues to wow him with her devotion to the team, ugly scream and all. So yeah, go DEVILS!!!